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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Phosphorescent Screens and Miami Heat - The Daily Log for 07-27-15

Its a long day today. I think the midsummer heat is making us all lethargic. Even with two air conditioners going in the studio, you can still feel the palpable intensity of the heat just outside the door. I much prefer the cooler days when I can have the studio door open in the evenings and let the night air drift in.

Today's focus was on photography. Mainly the art of photographing my own art. Squared off canvases are much easier to deal with than oddly shaped sculptures. I've been photographing these smaller pieces for months now but just not been happy with their quality. The ability to express a three dimensional object with a one dimensional photo is frustrating to say the least.

How one gets into the tiny details that some of my sculptures embody is a nearly impossible task.

I've gone as far as to rearrange the studio a bit to allow for something akin to a miniature green screen that can be put up quickly. Made from a very old 1940's era movie screen, the silver phosphorescent material should work for a backdrop. I've experimented a bit with it, but still just not sure its what I am looking for. Tomorrow I will play around with it more.

Suggestions are always welcome from those of you who might have experience in this area.

For those who follow the Twitter feed, I've added a new information line to the daily posts. Some are aware that I now feed information and articles regarding Burning Man. Now I've added the 2015 Art Basel Miami show to the feed line. This one will heat up in the fall as it gets nearer to the December opening for the show but already beginning to see information about it. Here is the new graphic, so those following can grab Basel related articles easily.

The rule of a good Twitter feed is to constantly update your information flow. I try to provide whatever information might be the most educational and informational to fellow artists, just as this blog seeks to do the same.

The key isn't in finding the right information. Its in going through that information quickly and efficiently. With over 500 news feeds coming in through email daily, time is constantly at the essence. The beginning of the day is always the hardest because there may be anywhere from 50-250 emails waiting to sorted when I begin.

But I sort of find it a challenge. Its a good way to get the day flowing, find out whats happening in the world of art and educate myself.

I have the lights down low tonight and the candles lit in the studio. For some reason i was in need of peace the last few hours. Here is a shot of the studio to close.


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