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Monday, July 20, 2015

The Wrong Way to Self Promote as an Artist

The following resulted from a set of spam links sent to my blog chat room. The purported person claimed to be an expert in showing artists how to self promote. I was so put off by her methods and how misleading it is to teach a new artist that the best way to get ahead is to spam their work in places where it was not meant to be posted.

I added it here in the hopes that new and emerging artists DO NOT pull this kind of shit to try and get their work noticed and most of all will not fall for flimflam sales people claiming they have the answers to your art problems.


Dear Maria,

You recently posted a message in the personal chat room of my blog. To refresh your memory, here is a transcript of what you said:

Jul 20 2015, 3:54 PMMarie Kazalia: HI Mark, I found you by following a link on Twitter. I like the topic of your artist on name recognition--but the article itself is a bit long. I could help you with a condensed version that will get read, for my blog Artist Marketing Resources Let me know if you are interested. Artist Marketing Resources | transmedia artist self-promotion informationArtist Marketing Resources | transmedia artist self-promotion information
Jul 20 2015, 3:55 PMMarie Kazalia: Also, feel free to follow the new @ArtWorld_Art on Twitter-- I am building up the account for the owner--already over 500 followers on day 8 of this new account. ArtWorld (@ArtWorld_Art) | TwitterArtWorld (@ArtWorld_Art) | TwitterDeleteJul 20 2015, 3:55 PMMarie Kazalia: My email address is:

Now first of all, when approaching a potential client, it is always wise to use the correct name of the person. My name is not nor has it ever been "Mark", as should surely have been noted by pretty logo to the right of my blog saying "GREY CROSS STUDIOS".

Second, if you are planning to assure a potential client of your resourcefulness, it is usually unwise to begin by putting down his/her work by saying "its too long". Obviously you do not grasp the fundamental business concept of attracting clients by complimenting rather putting down their work.

Third, the most basic premise of "self-promotion" is to do so in a wise way which attracts a person rather than repels them to your work. When self promotion becomes spam, such as posting that self promotion in an area that OBVIOUSLY is not meant for self promotion, such as the above mentioned blog chat room, then you are telling me right off that you are NOT a person who I can gain any insight from as an artist, but perhaps you should be coming to me for that advice.

I suggest you actually read some of my blog articles on creating a good reputation online and learning how to self promote your work in a way that make people want to be involved with you rather than repulsed by you.

It takes a lot to get me mad, but posting trash such as this to my blog only makes me angry. You will note that this response to your method of self promotion has been cross posted to my blog also in hopes that young artists that want to learn how to promote their work DO NOT use this method as a way to do so.

~GREY~ (please make note of correct name and spelling)

As an addendum to this, the woman did email me back very put off at my attitude and telling me that she had dealt with men like me who claimed to know it all and would eventually humble themselves and come back to use her services. I guarantee that will NOT be happening in my case. I'm happy to be wordy in my posts and speak honestly and just as I would if someone were speaking to me in person. If others are not interested, then don't read it. And YES I misspelled her name back to her just to be snarky.


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  1. I read all your post in full they are very informative. I get many emails from people like this who are trying to sell me shares of my work to their fake followers or some course about selling art and I'm tired of them. If i'm looking for help I will do my research and not get it from spammers. I hope this post helps people who are starting out theirs a lot of sharks trying to make a quick buck of artist.