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Monday, August 10, 2015

Testing the Boundaries of the Artists Skills

Tonight the studio is quiet compared to the rest of the weekend. Despite taking time off I still had models come in to allow me to test out the new airbrushing equipment. It surpassed my expectations and I hope to master the new brush shortly.

A few things I learned from my first tests:

  • Paint goes a lot further than I thought it would when applied with the air brush
  • Metallic acrylics applied with a stylus over the airbrushed paints create amazing designs
  • Using slick paints to create line works is a perfect medium to use in conjunction 
  • Body hair is not as much of a roadblock as it once was using a brush
  • The paints do not crack or fall off as easily

So these are all good things to learn and augmenting skills I already had. I am eager now to do a complete piece as soon as I can line a model up to work with. These first few pieces won't have a concise them as I am still in a test phase.

I believe the most difficult part of the process will be the setting up the studio ahead of time. It takes creating barriers to protect the art and supplies around the room and creating a special work station for mixing paints and holding specific supplies.

This all goes back to proper planning. Every single piece we create takes a planning of basic materials and making sure everything is ready once you begin.

In other studio news, I've begun to put together a pretty extensive arts library for students interning. I had quite a few books already and received several more as birthday presents. My desire to put together a good resource library for other artists locally to partake of.

I think that's all for tonight. I leave you tonight with some new work out of the digital studio. Consider that each of these pieces was first a carefully orchestrated body painting. By orchestrated I mean that it was not only a body being painted by an event in front of a live audience that involved very specific lighting and effects to get some of the original photo-work for these pieces. Where I may spend a week in the digital studio working on any given piece of art, there are dozens of man hours that went into just achieving the original shot that is used for the base. Please not that the first piece at the top of the page was finished in studio today as part of an intern lesson in digital art techniques.  As always comments are welcome.


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