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Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Perfection of Art - Daily Artists Log for 08-14-15

What a beautiful evening.

Tonight began the first of the new session of body sculptures. These are a combination of body paintings and special lit photographic poses. The Whole point is to create specific effects on the body that are then augmented through my digital studio. There is more on this in past posts so I won't labor it here.

So tonight began session #1 using all new equipment and what I would like to think are much better skills than the last time I did a body sculpture. And I have to say, the whole session surpassed my expectations. The new equipment worked perfectly. My creativity was at a peak. I knew intuitively what I wanted to create.

There is an interesting phenomenon that I've experienced many times where I can sense a perfect pose in the camera lens. I may not see it when I am posing them, but once I see it in the lens I know its perfection. I wish I could understand this better. All I can say is it happened at least a half dozen times tonight, much more than traditionally occurs. I am lucky if I have this aura of perfection occur once in an extensive photo shoot. But I was lucky enough to find it several times.

Right around 300 photos were taken and I suspect it will take me several weeks to work through them for the initial digital work that will inevitably come from them.

There will be work in progress photos also put up on the Revenant Sculpture page. You can view a basic description of the first session here and see more photos tomorrow.

So I can safely say it was a perfect night of creating. I'm exhausted though and its near 5AM here so I am not going to push too much harder. Tomorrow I am taking both the interns out for their first experience of the New Orleans gallery scene. I have stops planned at 5 different locations to allow them to understand the gallery system better and how it operates. I just hope I've gotten enough sleep to do it justice. But this is how a busy studio should run. The world revolves around art in all forms.

I had time after tonights session to master a single image from the shoot. I leave it here for you to view. Would love your comments on it.


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