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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dreaming Big as an Artist - Reallllly Big

As an artist, I dream big. I always have. Its one of the reasons I started my artistic career years ago working on huge canvas pieces.

As my skills have developed I've not stopped dreaming big. Even though I may never accomplish those dreams, they are still a big part of what makes me want to continue on this artistic journey. I like to think of myself as the Elon Musk of the art world. If I can dream it. I can do it! 

So let me share three of my more bizarre artistic dreams. 

#1) I want to transform the city of New Orleans into a city of lights. I want to see as many buildings in the city center transformed at night into something more than just neon and shining lights. Our technology is reaching an apex where it comes to lighting where we can achieve anything with it. I want to be known as the artist of light someday and I want to orchestrate a complete piece of art using dozens of buildings to do it.

#2) I want to be the first artist to put a light sculpture into orbit that can be seen both in day and at night from anyplace on earth. It would take a hell of a big satellite and some intensive equipment to achieve it, but I think it can be done! There are two purposes for this. The first is as an art installation to humanity. The second is as a beacon to other worlds out there. Hey we are here! Impossible? Maybe, but what is life without trying? 

#3) I want to create a series of towering human figures approximately the height of the highest span of the Golden Gate Bridge. These sculptures would be sunk into water with their legs stretching out and enough space in between to sail a large tanker through. I want to place one at the Straights of Bosphorus in Istanbul. Another off the tip of Manhattan. A third and fourth the tip of Tierra Del Fuego in South America and off the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. 

"Okay man, your nuts. Lunatic has delusions". Your right, I do. But without big dreams we are nothing. My big delusional dreams make anything smaller that I create seem like child's play. By placing myself in the role of a rather wild eyed dreamer it allows me the mind space to create anything that my mind and my budget can conceive.

It is not always necessary to accomplish every dream but it is necessary to think of them. Our dreams make us stronger. They cast us into roles that we would not otherwise allow ourselves to go. 

Everything we see and perceive around us has at one time been the dream of another person. Everything starts at that point. Dreaming becomes an idea becomes a reality, whether is a logo on a can of soup or the worlds tallest skyscraper. It all began at that elemental level.

If you convince yourself that you will never achieve anything of great merit in your life then you won't. Its that simple. 

Just something to think about because artists are the true dreamers of this world. Don't let your dreams die.


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