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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Occasional Daily Art Log for 09-09-15

Its been a totally amazing night in the studio. Revenant #3 began at 10PM and ended right around 2:30AM. This one went so smoothly. The model was great and my artist intern was in perfect sync with me throughout.

All three of these body sculptures have gone remarkably well so far and gone off without a hitch but for this one I was in a particularly great creativity zone throughout. I knew where I wanted to go with the piece and executed it perfectly.

About 400 photos were taken of the finished model and I could see immediately that I was able to capture some amazingly unique work. After the session completed and the model was released I kept intern Fannie with me so she could see the process of converting one of the final images into a finished piece of art. This was what resulted:

There are some incredibly strong images in this set. It will take me about 40 hours of work to go through them and create the final art.

I told my intern that I want her to consider staying with me after her internship is over in October and acting as my assistant for these sessions rather than at an intern level. I was surprised by the level of synchronicity.

When doing this kind of intense creativity I can't begin to tell you how important it is to have a good backup who can basically read the artists mind and operate without constant instruction.

There are so many "other needs" that are involved when you are using a human body as your canvas. The model needs to stay lose and relaxed and reminded constantly to loosen tight muscles. They need to be hydrated constantly and the only way to do so once their face is painted is by holding the drink to their lips with a straw. There are cleanup needs throughout of equipment and brushes and a ton of small tasks that require a second set of hands so the artist can concentrate specifically on the art. I definitely found all these things with tonight's intern. I am very appreciative. It kept me in zone and allowed me to create what I hope will be great art.

It also helps to have someone to talk through the details with and describe processes. Because even though its helping the intern I know its also helping me the artist to streamline my techniques.

Its been an excellent night. I will make this a short entry tonight because I want to get back to this before my energy gives out. Its 5AM already and I know I won't last much longer!

You can view the work in process photos for this sculpture at the following link. Feedback is always welcome.



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