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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Art of Being an Artist - Learning About the Visual Artist Rights Act

Many artists are not even aware of the existence of the United States Visual Artist Rights Act (VARA). This is a law that all artists should be aware of and how it relates to their work. Even if it does not apply directly to your art it is always wise to have firsthand knowledge of all laws applying to artists. 

Wikipedia Visual Artists Rights Act

Harvard Law School Guide to the Visual Artists Rights Act

Waiver of Moral Rights in Visual Artworks

Intellectual Property and the Arts

Buyer Beware: The Unexpected Consequences of the Visual Artists Rights Act

Moral Rights Under The Visual Artists Rights Act (VARA)

A Visual Art Law You Had Better Not Overlook

25 Years Later: Artists' Rights Under VARA

Graffiti and the Visual Artists Rights Act

Muralists’ Legal Rights

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