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Monday, October 20, 2014

Showcase Artist - S Loïsse Lejeune

Artist: S Loïsse Lejeune - Contemporary visual fine art, oil painter, charcoal and pastel enthusiast
Location: Scotland
Twitter: @slejeunearts
Mediums: Oil paint, charcoal, pastels, graphite and mixed media

A Scots-French artist with some training but mainly self taught, I specialize in charcoal and pastel drawings and oil painting. As someone who never used to paint except for watercolor washes over ink drawings I've found myself falling in love with oil paint because of its vibrancy, malleability and finish. I enjoy creating mixed media pieces from time to time to loosen up and indulge myself in a full creative spectrum. I've been selling original artworks publicly and privately, exhibited and taken commissions on professionally since 2014, but been an avid creative person since childhood. I went to art school twice, and left it twice as I couldn't bear the thought to be taught art. I felt, although the resources and learning opportunities were there, I didn't need someone to tell me how to paint or draw and left. Thus far I've exhibited 3 times with more exhibits planned in the near future, I am being published in the new sachet mixte women's - art journal

I am also taking on new commissions and continuing to grow, hosting live art events where I shall be painting in front of an audience in the gallery I'm exhibiting in, as well as taking on freelance writing roles.

While my followers of my art work grows, I have noticed my skill set broaden as I challenge myself more and more to become more precise when it comes to portraits and hyper realistic studies.

If you would like to be a showcase artist for Immortal Artist, please send your inquiry and an example of your work to:

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