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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

"How Do I" The Art of Being an Artist - What is your Digital Footprint

What is your digital footprint and why is it important to artists? Your digital footprint is your virtual identity. Its the combination of all you have done and said online. Artists who can understand this have an edge over artists who don't. Artists who understand that their digital footprint will exist long after they are dead can control their footprint more effectively. I've written about this in past articles, so I am including those in this list of helpful links to understand your digital footprint better. 

Grey's Personal Links

Immortality Has Arrived - The Artists Virtual Life 

The Game of Knowledge - Artists Thriving in the Social Network Universe

Legacy - The Artists Lasting Message

General Links

Wikipedia - Digital footprint

Your Digital Footprint Matters

Digital Reputation

10 steps to erase your digital footprint

Pew Research Center - Digital Footprints

Forbes - Mapping An Adversary's Digital Footprint

Think Big About creating a positive digital footprint for yourself and others

Four Reasons to Care About Your Digital Footprint

Henry Sibley Presents: Managing Your Digital Footprint

"Digital Shadow, Data Exhaust, Electronic Footprint" a.k.a "Digital Footprint"

"How Do I" is created to help artists find helpful links to subjects that may be of interest to their careers as artist. If you would like to suggest a subject or add additional helpful links, you can do so at the end of this post. 

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