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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Image of the Day - Old Wood

I was surprised this morning when I went to hunt driftwood by the edge of the Mississippi River that the water level in just a week had risen to the point where the area I descend into down the levee was completely under water. I'd expected it but was still amazed that it had happened so quickly and at a time where at least here in New Orleans we'd gotten little rain in the past few months.

But there it was, flooded under and swamping even the trees. But while I was not able to retrieve much usable driftwood, I was able to find this one large piece. Measuring almost 5 feet high, I can only guess by its squared off base that it was once a piling of some kind. But the beautiful rotted design along its length made it a given that it would come back to the studio with me. 

The challenge for this piece will be how to mount it. Its big enough that my usual tile bases will not be adequate enough. But I'll find something that works. 

It is always an amazement to me how I can find a piece of debris such as this and know instantly that it can and will become a piece of art at some point. 

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