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Monday, February 1, 2016

The Legend of Tahambrius Frae - Telling Tales With Art

As an artist, I strive to create art that tells a story. But sometimes I find it challenging to add story to the art. One of my ongoing themes is the faerie realm and how it interacts with both the physical and spiritual universes. When I created the above image I knew that Tahambrius Frae would become a permanent part of the faerie universe. These are the first two images using him. There will be others as no doubt his story will expand along with the art.



There are faerie creatures both good and bad. Some strive for the good of all beings, while others seek only destruction. And some like Tahambrius Frae want only to be left alone. There is only one of him and legend says he has been alive since the World Tree was only a seed. His sad gaunt figure can be glimpsed on every plane of existence. Every faerie creature has a task. As surely as humans live and breath, the fae are annointed with the task of their people. In the case of the Amaranthi, there task as a faerie race is the raising of the roots of the world tree.

So it is with Tahambrius Frae. Even though he is a solitary being, he is still required to fulfill his oath to the faerie people. His one task in life is to act as a guide to the saddest beings who cross over from the physical to the spiritual realm. Without him, these wrecked human beings would have no lodestone in which they could follow into the spiritual realm.

In the physical world only those whose hearts and minds are breaking will catch a glimpse of him. 

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