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Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Sixth Vision of the Revenant Cycle - Working Notes

The Revenant Cycle was created by Assimilation Artist Grey Cross. It is about the journeys of spirits between the physical and spiritual universes and what lies between those two universes. The art involved encompasses sculpture, paintings, body art and digital art. 

Each of the Revenant Cycles is the story about one being who is either alive, in spirit or in faerie form. Each Cycle tells the specific tale of that being through the art created. The art itself is a combination of three types of art, body painting, photography and digital surrealism. Models are painted by the artist, photographed and then the images are crafted through the artists digital studio to create surreal pieces of art.

There have been five previous Revenant Cycles done in the past year. This is the sixth in the series. This page shows some of the developmental and working notes involved in the Sixth Revenant Cycle and will also include the final work created for this Cycle. We look forward to your comments and questions. 

Welcome to the Revenant Cycle

Background: The Sixth Vision of the Revenant Cycle will take approximately 100-150 hours to complete. There are already 30 hours of time involved prior to the writing of this page which included model interviews, plannng and brainstorming of the concept and creation of original art work which will be involved in the creation of this body of work. The photo below will show you an original piece of art measuring 6' x 2' which will be included. 

The actual shoot will take place in two stages. First the body painting and then the photography. Total time 4-5 hours. The processing time for the digital art will take another 100+ hours afterwards. 

What follows from this point on will be some of the setup photos taken throughout the session.

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