Saturday, July 23, 2016

Image of the Day - Pandora's Bones and the Dead Wood Sculpture Series

The concept of the Dead Wood series is finally taking shape with this piece. I've got several other pieces that are technically part of this emerging series but I was grouping them in my driftwood series. What makes the dead wood series difference is that all the wood was obtained in local New Orleans cemeteries. So the theme of Life & Death in Sacred Ground fits it well because the life of a tree is born and dies in the sacred ground of a burial place. 
In the case of Pandora's Bones, I chose the name because the piece of wood seemed more like a fragile piece of bone to me than wood. Its unique shape feels otherworldly. The piece is very small but very detailed. I may create a reliquary for it later but want to consider it further. 
There are already four other pieces in process for this series so more to come.

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