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Saturday, March 3, 2018

The Life and Death of a Tree Spirit - Work in Progress Sculpture

This piece of wood was found in Holt Cemetery last year. Its gone through a slow drying phase over the last six months. Its heavily eaten away in places, so the curing and cleaning process is quite extensive. The piece weighs about 30 pounds.

The shape and grain of the wood make it a great candidate for a new sculpture. There are similar grain patterns to the Sleepy Hollow sculpture which was created from another piece from the same tree.

The Sleepy Hollow piece had a lot less internal damage to it. The new sculpture on the other hand is very eaten away inside.

In order to use it, I've used clay as a filler and foaming glue as a sealant on the areas eaten away. After several days of sealing its finally starting to take shape again and can go on to its next phase.

I'll post updates as it develops.


A lot of progress today. Most of the wood is now sealed and its been mounted on its base. The base adds a lot of weight to the piece, but because of the size of the wood it had to have a heavy base. Late in the evening I was able to add the first of the faces to the piece. You can really see it coming together now.


Another productive session with the new sculpture. You can see in this image three sides of the piece showing both the face and the skull in place. There is some more refinement work to be done and then I can begin to paint the piece. 


The first color scheme has begun on the sculpture.This is only the first coat. The second one will use variations of colors to enhance certain aspects of the piece. 


A look at the first layer of color on the piece.There will be a second layer to brighten the piece up before it goes to its final phase. 


Here is the final detailing for the new sculpture. The final stage will be to polyurethane the whole piece. 

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