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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Fluid Art of Christina Montoya


Artist: Christina Montoya (Toya Kisora Designs)
Materials Used: Stretched Linen Canvas, Acrylics, Water, Coconut Milk Serum, Floetrol

I've seen a lot of examples of Fluid Painting but I find that this particular piece is a great example of movement. What makes this one different is that the flow is very uniform, moving from left to right. The trouble with a lot of fluid paintings is that the movement dead ends. It stops abruptly or pools up in one area of the canvas. Movement is symmetry. If the symmetry is off in a piece of art it can throw the whole piece off. Fluid Painting has its own rules as its sometimes hard to control the movement, but the rules are the same. The better the symmetry, the better the art. 

Additional Info: Christina Montoya, affectionately known as Toya, is an up-and-coming abstract artist based in Denver, Colorado. She creates multimedia and visual art through specialized media such as watercolors, inks, acrylics and pouring mediums. Toya was drawn to these media as they allow for a greater freedom in experimentation and allow her to create unique pieces of art. She began painting in the fall of 2017 after a life altering liver disease diagnosis and has found that her art is a gratifying way to not only relieve the stress that her diagnosis brings, but it also enables her to share her heart, soul and struggles through the world of art.

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