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Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Art Of Haydn Dickenson

"Two Can Play"
Artist: Haydn Dickenson
Website: http://www.haydndickenson.com/
Specs: Acrylic on canvas and is 102x76cm unframed 
Social Media: Twitter - @haydndickenson

Abstract art is a strange creature. It can be way too easy. Artists fall back on it because they think its quick and pretty and doesn't take a whole lot of thought to create. But the opposite is true. For an abstraction to work, it must have a level of complication that goes beyond other types of art. This piece by Haydn Dickenson is a an excellent examples of this. This piece is truly complex. It has a lot of different levels to it. It has depth and motion and it invokes more than an abstraction. You can see shapes within it. What you imagine you see within it, may be totally different from what I imagine. This is what an abstract piece of art should strive to achieve. Haydn says that he tries not to preconceive his art and that it usually fails when he does so. When an artist knows their craft then the complexity springs up automatically without having to pre-plan and think through the piece ahead of time. This is when our skills surpass what we learned from others and begins to come from directly within us.  ~G~

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