Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Digital Art of Simone Morana Cyla (NEW WORK ADDED)

"She Comes From the Stars"

Artist: Simone Morana Cyla
Process Used: Digital Paintings and photo manipulation printed on photo paper

It is extremely difficult to find digital art that really takes advantage of the format. This piece by Simone Morana Cyla is a fantastic example of all that digital art can be. Note the layering effect that gives the piece depth and three-dimensionality. As a side note, also notice the attention to professionalism. All info is self contained beneath the piece and the artists signature is off to the side so that it does not in any way impede the viewing of the art. There is no massive watermark and even the color schemes for the border and fonts compliment the image. Excellent work. 

Additional Info:
This piece can be purchased at:

We've vetted additional pieces of Simone's work. We will be adding work to his expanded portfolio over the coming months. 

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