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Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Art of Landon Huber (New Work Added)

"Heads Vomit Heads"
Artist: Landon Huber
Twitter: @HuberLandon
Specs: This piece of art was first drawn by hand using pencil and paper and made into a tight drawing. Then scanned and digitally Painted using photoshop.
Purchase Info at: https://society6.com/landonhuberart

Grey's Notes on This Piece: Landon has an amazing sense of imagination. Viewing his work is more like taking a trip into the dark side of ones mind. Sometimes disturbing, sometimes enlightening. What I find interesting about the above piece is the symmetry. Surrealistic art is some of the hardest art to create symmetry within. But if you move your eyes clockwise starting at the raised hand and follow around in a complete circle, the symmetry is nearly perfect. The angle of the floor and walls, the archway, even the pattern on the floor still allow for an easy transition around the piece. If you flip the image, its easy to see that the symmetry does not work in the opposite direction. I look forward to viewing more of Landon's work in the future. ~G~

Additional Artist Information:

Landon Huber is both a visual and a musical artist. To see and hear more of his work you can visit these links.






Landon Huber has also illustrated comics, The Punctuation Men, and Bleen( a 94 page Graphic Novel, for sale Now through amazon.) -go to these links to buy "Bleen". Published Now by Caliber Comics.


Also to see and Read "The Punctuation Men Comics , online now for free,...use the links below.



More work by Landon Huber

"Ice Hand" 
Purchase Info at: https://society6.com/landonhuberart

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