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Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Place of Lost Ideas

Here is today's collection of odds and ends from Saturday morning flee markets, estate sales and second hand stores. Lots of artists upcycle as a form of creating art. But I also take it one step further. I use the various junk stores as a source for ideas and inspiration. I may walk in with an idea, but more often I walk out with totally new ideas for my art.. Being surrounded by so many lost, half broken objects stimulates my creativity in a major way. I see unlimited possibilities. From the group above, several of the pieces were bought specifically because they fit a particular project, but nearly half came from on the spot ideas while wandering the aisles.

I highly suggest that when you are in a creative rut, even if you have no money to spend, go wander a second hand store. View each object as if it were in front of you in your studio, ready to be transformed into something new. See what you come up with. It may surprise you how well it works as a brainstorming tool.

Some items I buy on spec. There is no immediate need or idea for it, but I can tell at some point it may become a very useful item to have around.

Ray Bradbury was a major collector of the odd and unusual .He said it stimulated his creativity to be surrounded by these items. He's right. A sanitized studio is a studio without any inspiration.  Clutter it up and become inspired!

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