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Monday, June 4, 2018

The Temple of Lost Light Series

The Temple of Lost Light is a sculpture created and laid out in the dense underbrush of my backyard. It was placed in the spring before the plant growth had begun to emerge. There are about a dozen Buddha's laid out around and amongst the sculpture along with temple walls and pieces. As I find new pieces to add to the structure I add them. Over the past months I've monitored the setting to see how the growth around it is maturing and how its effecting the sculpture. The intent was to create a setting that could be photographed at different times of the day and night in order to create a digital art series around the photos. Tonight was the first time I braved the mosquitoes and other creatures of the night to take the first set of night photos. I will continue to do this periodically throughout the coming months as the growth gets larger and the temple is lost in the underbrush. The first finished piece is seen above. For those curious S̄æng thī̀ h̄āy pị means "Lost Light" in Thai. I will add more as it is created. 

Digital art can be so much more. I see so much more potential in the technique than just sketching something out on an IPad. When incorporated with sculpture, art, photography and even nature, the possibilities are unlimited. 

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