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Friday, June 15, 2018

On The Move

In about 6-8 weeks we will be moving our art studio and home to a new location. We've been in the current space about 6 years now. As I begin to slowly sort through the studio storage room and pack a few things away, I thought it might be fun to share some of it. Its no small thing to move this much junk. I and my partner are art pack rats. If we see it and think it can become something it ends up in one of our two storage rooms. I would not say we are hoarders because we are select about what we bring back. But it does accumulate after time.

The fellow above has been seen in many pieces of my work and even though its broken in the middle and has a hole in its head (who doesn't) he/she/they are still a valuable part of my prop inventory and I refuse to get rid of him. 

So here we have logistics. In order to move the whole studio it means moving several hundred sculptures. There seems to be no easy way to do this. Its not only that there are a lot of them, but that they have to be handled with care. Tonight has been to gather them all in one place, rather than scattered over 6 different rooms. I've cleared and packed a lot of my supplies, opening up some shelves to have a place for the gathering process. Here you see about half of the pieces that will fit on shelves. There are a whole lot more that won't fit. Those will have to be kept as safe as possible until they can be moved. My plan is to hook up my air compressor outside the day they are moved and give each one an air dusting. I want everything clean when it goes into the new studio space. 

Amongst the vast array of things that must be moved is not only my art, but the art of others. Art given to me over the years by dear friends, fellow artists, students, etc. Laying at the top of this box is a beautiful piece given to me by my friend writer and artist JM Rosenberry. Her piece has hung in the studio for several years. Its coincidence that its in the box with the purple glitter skeleton, but it works! 

During this very lengthy move, I'll share more memories. Check back for again soon!

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