Wednesday, July 18, 2018


"Fear" is an experimental graffiti piece created for the Dystopia Project. It was created using a piece of styrofoam mounted on a 4' x 2' canvas. The foam was heated to created a mottled surface similar to bricks and cut using a heated styrofoam pen. The fixtures were old metal parts sealed to the foam. The chain is plastic, mafe from a broken strand of Mardi Gras beads.  The spider is a simple Halloween spider, painted black and red to mimic a black widow spider. The surrounding canvas has two layers. The first is a sand layer, the second a cracked glass layer. Both were added using a spray adhesive to create a real looking building surface. 

The idea behind the piece is that if the sculptures in the Dystopia Series go into a gallery, that there will be wall space empty, the sculptures sitting on the floor. So I wanted to experiment with creating a conceptual group of wall graffiti that could be included in any gallery show. Coincidentally this is also the first piece of art to be started and completed in the new studio! 

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