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Monday, July 30, 2018

Signs & Meanings

Here is the finished gate sign for the new studio. I wanted something really different for signage and decided to create a graffiti wall for it. 

The sign is 45" x 32" and is mounted on a canvas frame and bolted to the gate. 

I've left extra space around the edges so that if anyone else wants to add their own graffiti, they can do so. I feel the best way to keep graffiti from a sign is to allow graffiti on the sign! 

The bricks are made of styrofoam so they can easily be repainted later if they wear out or if I want to add other symbolic things to it. Its been sprayed with a waterproof matte, so it should look good for quite awhile.

The point of all this is that its important to put your name out there in as many ways as you can. Even something as personal as a gate sign is important to marketing the art and the artist. There is an artist who owns a home not far from here. This was one of the houses built after Hurricane Katrina. Rather than a typical house shape, these are blockier and squared off, like some child left some building blocks in a pile. They aren't ugly, just different. This artist has never put up an actual sign, but when he/she moved in, they put up large panels on several parts of the wall and created murals on them. They are beauty in an area thats sort of run down and dilapidated still. And everyone who passes the place knows "an artist lives here". 

Does your space reflect you as an artist outside as well as in? Everyone has different sizes and space that they can or cannot use for art. But ask yourself. What can you do to announce your presence outside of your space? Is it a chalk drawing on the sidewalk? Or an elaborate mural on a brick wall? Or something as simple as a piece of graffiti painted on a brick. 

It makes a difference not only to how you market yourself, but to your own personal mindset. You are announcing yourself in any way you can. 

Share your ideas here if you'd like.


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