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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Creative Mirror Show - A Celebration of all Things Creative

There are all sorts of creative venues trying out new ideas to attract art lovers and help artists get notice. Artists cannot rely on Galleries anymore to get seen. This is no offense against the gallery system. It has its place in the future of the art world. But artists are now taking their careers into their own hands and trying out new and innovative ideas to get their work seen.

The recent Creative Mirror show in New Orleans is a great example of thinking about the art world in a totally new way. While there was plenty of art to be seen, this became a celebration of creativity and allowed artists to network together and collaborate.  

What a lot of new artists don't grasp is that today's shows are not as focused on selling art, as a gallery show is. Instead the benefits are a little more ephemeral. "I didn't sell anything, so the show was a bust" is absolutely the wrong mindset to bring to these events. 

So what is the right mindset? "Name Recognition". Today's market is all about establishing your name firmly in a particular market and then expanding that recognition both nationally and eventually internationally. If you are expecting sales right from the start of your career, you will be sadly disappointed.

I am not sure there was ever a time in the history of art where this did not apply. There are exceptions of course. But every successful artist had to establish their name and with it their craft. 

If you look at some of the artists who have succeeded you also realize that its not always about their talent. Some are just lucky enough to network even the crappiest art into a successful career. 

But if you stay focused on name and skill and you are patient, you will get seen. Take advantage of every opportunity that puts your name out there. If you walk away from that opportunity having expanded your network and your understanding of the art world then you going in the right direction. If you walk away disgusted that you didn't sell that overpriced piece of art, then you might as well hang it up in your bedroom and move on to a new career. 

Here are some great shots of the Creative Mirror show with our thanks to the coordinators for a great opportunity for artists in the New Orleans area.

The show director Chris Pemberton has a great new book out on creativity and the creative process. Check it out at:

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