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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Merging Still Life with Digital Art

Still life art and digital art work very well together. In still life, its all about how we arrange the objects to create a pleasing configuration. In digital art its all about how we are able to morph those objects into something different.

If we bring the two art forms together, unlimited possibilities emerge. In this image, we've created a temple scene still life using real leaves. 

In this case we are using phosphorescent paint sprayed over the whole still life to create a ghostly glow. This won't be seen in the final piece of art, but using it allows for a different atmosphere to the still life. 

The flowers at the back are actually lit from behind and remain lit during the photographing of the piece. 

Once everything is in place, there may be upwards of 50 photos taken of the still life, using different angles, different variations of the lighting and reconfiguring of the objects that make the still life up. 

When everything is complete, the artist chooses the best photos out of the set and sets to work in the digital art studio to morph the image into something new. 

This is where attention to detail takes on a whole new meaning from the original still life. Now colors become important, background details must be considered and the overall feeling for the piece must be considered in order to transform the image. 

Where the artist finally ends up during this merging of still life into digital art, is up to them to decide. But the possibilities are unlimited as to how to use the two together. 

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