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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Satan's Toy Box - A 3 Dimensional Canvas

Satan's Toy Box is the theme for Session #6 of the Abstraction of Humanity series. This uses what we call a 3 Dimensional Canvas. The idea of this is to create a themed piece of art that encompasses the total space within the three dimensional space, including the ceiling and floor of the space. 

This is also called an Evolution Cube because the art within shifts and transforms over time. The current 3D space has transitioned 5 times previously. Each theme incorporates more and more complex subjects and is coupled with graffiti and body painting to produce the art. 

Satan's Toy Box began with the simple idea of using a child's toy to create a dark and evil setting. I saw a sad little doll at a second hand store and brought it home and spray painted it completely black, except for its eyes.  

From that a theme began to develop of what would Satan's toy box look like. I am blessed as an artist to have quite a lot of material to work with. I am constantly picking up things at yard sales, and thrift stores and storing them in my studio for just the right project. When I went through my inventory I found I had a lot of little things that would be perfect for this theme. What I didn't have, I watched for at estate sales and gathered an amazing array of creepy toys, perfect for this setting.

During the past week or so, I've slowly worked towards evolving the space and adding toys to it on a daily bases. I've also been changing the graffiti and messaging on the walls to reflect darker subject matter. A few serial killers and crazies can brighten any space up.

Even though you see all the elements gathered here in the space, all of those elements will be removed when the body painting begins. As the painting takes place, each element will be added back into the space a piece at a time to create a complete set of photographs that will eventually be turned into art. 

For those interested in seeing the art that is produced from these sessions, check out the index to the left of this page called The Abstraction of Humanity. 

Here are images of the building of Satan's Toy Box as I've put it together. 

For those interested, here are some views of the space from previous themes.

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