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Quantum Postcards - A Time Travel Story

Quantum Postcards - A Time Travel Story
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Saturday, November 2, 2019

The Work of Freelance Artist & Writer Diana Whiley







Previously a part time Creative Writing teacher and support worker in mental health, I participated in various community writing and art projects. 

I edited anthologies of memoirs. Set up art exhibitions. Judged writing contests for adults and children. Taught basic drawing in Community Centres. Then renewed my interest and skills in art while I wrote my first fantasy novel. 

I turned to digital art to create fantasy pieces to accompany my writing then expanded to fine art and transformative works.  Many of them inspired by nature and music - both fundamental in myth and ritual. 

My influences range from the Old Masters like Monet and Turner, to Klimt and Surrealist Salvatore Dali, to Contemporary art within Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Series of graphic novels. 

I have exhibited at home and in the US. Won on-line art competitions, and have been in art magazines and International art books.  

I am also a published writer of poetry and short stories with artwork in anthologies. 

Website         www.dianakwhiley.weebly.com

Links to art:  www.instagram.com/dizwhi    
                      www.exhibitionswithoutwalls.com  Winners Gallery   


I’ve always imagined there is a message waiting for me in the landscape, in the music of the wind. A sense of Belonging. Of Place. Stories of origins, myth and rituals.

My latest artworks evolved as I wrote my journal entries and reflected on those hopes and dreams.  Those imaginings inspired by nature’s transformative power and mystique. Tried to articulate the often fragmented and torn memories I’d hidden. Found succor and comfort in finally giving voice to the past.

NOTE: This artist also keeps a Creative Journal on this site. Please use this link to view it! 


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