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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The Pandemic Archive Project - A Call For Coronavirus Related Art, Photography, Written Word and Music

Artists, musicians, photographers and creatives from every discipline are creating work on how they interpret the current world crisis.

We will be archiving all creative work sent to us in order to preserve it for future generations to see. We will also be using our social media platforms to show the work of these amazing creatives. welcomes all creatives who want to show their pandemic related work. We would like to give a forum to those who would like to talk about the pandemic through their creativity. 

We will accept art, photography, written word art including short stories, poetry, music or any other creative medium you wish to express yourself in. 

To submit, we need the following:

  • A good quality image of your work
  • A short one paragraph bio about the creator
  • Any links related to the creator that you would like to include (website/twitter/facebook)

We also welcome any commentary you would like to make regarding your work or personal stories of your trip through the pandemic. 

Its that simple. Lets show the world that creativity has a voice in this crisis! 

To submit your work or questions, email it to: 

Feel free to email also if you have any questions. takes no profit from your work. It is a free site for all creatives to have a louder voice to express themselves! You may request your work be removed from the site at any time from the archive and are at no risk to your work being used in any other way except that which is stated above.

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