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Monday, April 6, 2020

Surrealism Challenge - Artists in Isolation

During the worlds isolation for the pandemic, many are taking time to read, learn new skills, or strengthen existing abilities.

As a Master Surrealist who works with photos, I often challenge myself by finding a difficult image and attempting to transform it into surreal art. 

So I've decided to issue a challenge to others stuck in isolation. 

Send me any image and I will try to turn it into surreal art. Any image is acceptable whether people, places or things. All subject content is acceptable. 

Two simple rules. The image  has to be in .jpg format and it must be a photo you have taken or been taken by a family member, past or present. Old family photos are acceptable.

If I am successful you will receive back a high quality digital file containing art created from your image and the before and after images will be posted to this page.

Images can be sent via email at: or by sending it through both Twitter and Facebook messages. 

Challenge me! Keep my skills fine tuned! 

We'll all get through this and maybe learn a thing or two along the way.


PS: Several artists have asked if they could participate as challenge artists. If you would like to participate let me know and I'll send you images from my personal photos to challenge your own skills! 


CHALLENGE #2 from Jay Woods

CHALLENGE #3 From Rosie Hartmann

CHALLENGE #4 From Randy

CHALLENGE #5 From Zeke Schein

CHALLENGE #6 From Reno Tukiainen

CHALLENGE #7 From Matthew White

CHALLENGE #8 From Jo Rosenberry

CHALLENGE #9 From Josh Hitchens

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