Friday, May 15, 2020

The Katrina Portraits Reimagined - Part 1-The Land

2015 Version

In 2015, for the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, I created a memorial series called the Katrina Portraits. These were images of both people and places in New Orleans and the impact of the storm on them. I created this impact by creating a hurricane shape menacing each image, as seen above.

At that time I was really in the early stages of developing my skills as a digital artist. While the photography was good, my digital concepts were really far from perfect yet. Regardless I pressed on, creating approximately 200 images in the series. 

Now in 2020, we are still months away from the 15th anniversary of the storm. Coronavirus is sweeping across the world killing thousands. As of the time of this writing, we are 15 days from the beginning of hurricane season in the United States and there is already a disturbance in the Caribbean. We are so fixated with the pandemic that we've forgotten there are other threats out there. Climate Change is only going to get worse and with it killer storms. So in the 15 days before the start of the season I've decided to apply new skills to my Katrina Portraits. My land portraits which are listed below are re-imagined. By clicking on the image you can see both the 2015 and 2020 versions. 

The Faces of the Storm series is not going to be based on the old series but be a completely new series showing the faces of local New Orleans citizens. You can reach it by clicking the following link (LINK TO BE ADDED SOON

Let us not forget that we've fucked up the planet pretty badly and that the Pandemic is just another manifestation of the harm we are doing to the planet. I am not sure any of us deserve to survive.

2020 Version

(Click any image to see the details)

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