Friday, March 19, 2021

Structural Chaos in Art

What is Structural Chaos?

Structural Chaos is uniformity and anarchy existing togetherIt is the bringing together of two dynamically opposed forms into a single piece of art. 

Geometry is about straight and bisecting lines, sharp demarcations of color. Shapes mathematic in their design. 

In opposition, abstract art is about a total lack of geometry where the paint, through its complete lack of form, creates random shapes and impressions that allows the eye to draw images within the chaos. 

The key to Structural Chaos is to work in multiple dimensions. There are artists that utilize both geometry and abstraction within their work, but rarely is it translated into multiple dimensions. Using only one dimension causes the geometry to often get lost within the abstraction. It overwhelms the opposing aspect that is so crucial to structural chaos. 

geometry by its very nature is 3 dimensional. You can portray a box as a 3 dimensional object much more effectively than you can by just drawing it.

To some artists structural chaos will not be anything new. They take it for granted when they create their art. But I feel that understanding the definition of what you are doing helps you to clarify the process and bring out both aspects more clearly. 

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