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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Boosting Your Income: Essential Tips for Artists - By Marissa Perez


Contrary to the stereotype, professional artists don’t have to starve. However, running a profitable art business can be challenging. If you’re an artist selling your services to clients, you may be wondering how you can maximize your earning potential. Here are some valuable resources to help you grow your business: 

Marketing Your Business

Improving your marketing strategy will help you find new clients that need your current services. Here’s how to expand your reach. 

  • Make sure that you’re active on Instagram and regularly share your work on this visual platform. 
  • Don’t overlook the potential of promoting your work on YouTube! You can share videos of your design process and film tutorials. 
  • You can also market your art on Twitter by creating small photo galleries and using hashtags.
  • Investing in Facebook advertising can get your art in front of thousands of eyes!

New Products and Services

Ready to diversify your offerings to create new income streams? These resources will help you get inspired!

  • Consider offering your services to businesses as part of larger branding packages, which can be more lucrative.
  • If you’re interested in furthering your education, you could study medical illustration.
  • To help your clients share important data, you can offer to design infographics. 

Networking Opportunities

Your professional network can hook you up with fantastic clients. Follow these tips to grow your circle. 

  • Join your local chamber of commerce for free marketing and invitations to events for local entrepreneurs!
  • Register your business as an LLC for a more professional status (Here’s info on how to do so in Louisiana) — this will help you gain credibility for potential clients. 
  • Apply to exhibit and sell your work at craft shows. These events can be fun, social, and quite profitable!

When you have a creative career, you can always adapt your business and pivot to new sources of income. As an artist, you already have an innovative streak! When you apply this mindset to your business, there is nothing you can’t achieve.

Photo via Pexels

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