Thursday, July 22, 2021

I Don't Want to Go Home in the Dark (What We See - What We Imagine) #7


There is nothing like wandering the City of the Dead at 4am. For a surrealist it is the absolutely best time to capture the imagination of the artist. I don't think I saw the reality of anything this particular night. It was all so surreal and illusory. I've never done LSD, but I suspect that this is the closest to "tripping" that I will ever come. 

There is nothing to fear in these places. You may see strange sights, faerie lights just on the edge of your vision. Or you may hear the occasional creak that reminds you of someone slowly casting back the cover of a casket. But there is a peace here that lets the wander transcend into the edge of the spirit world for just a few moments in time. 

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