Wednesday, December 8, 2021

"These Abstract Chains Which Bind Us" The Autumn 2021 Body Painting Series (Series in Development)

The 2021 Autumn Body Painting series explores the themes of bondage, both mentally and physically, within the context of an abstract universe. Using body painting, photography and digital art, the artist seeks to show the darker side which comes through being bound to the chains of our lives and breaking out of those bonds in order to grow as human beings.

Everything we do binds us in a way to that task. Our work binds us to a schedule. Our family binds us to commitments. Our relationships bind our emotions. Even in writing this description, the artist binds himself to a purpose which he may or may not be able to fulfill. 

Life binds us. Death releases those bonds. 

Bondage to Messiah's 

Bondage to Ancient Rites

Bondage to Career

Bondage to the Imprisoned Soul

Bondage to Pets

Bondage to Life & Death

Bondage to Responsibility

Bondage to Creativity

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