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Friday, April 21, 2023

Ley Lines (series in progress)

 Ley Lines is a new conceptual art series I'm developing. The original idea was a series that involves heavier line work to the fore with less of a photographic look. The models are all being photographed in my studio using a solid white background and a series of poses. Since the series began as an offshoot of the Surreal Atlas of the World, it made sense to continue with the world views in the background but transformed into a more surreal idea. So far I've only created 4 pieces and taken 600+ photos of the models. These photos will also be used in other series later.

The interesting thing about surreal concepts is to find the idea that brings the series together. In this case it was the idea of lines. At the moment I am not naming the individual pieces but may reconsider this later after the series really gets ironed out.

I welcome comments and questions and I'll add additional work as it becomes available.

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