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Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Surreal Portraits

 I am often asked if I do custom head portraits of people. Well I do now! These are not generic portraits. Someone asked me why I hadn't done this sooner. The honest answer is that I did not want to bring an inferior or boring type of portraiture to the market. I waited until I had a concept of surrealism that fit me. I want my portraits to be unusual and unique. These are custom created for each person. You can see examples below these instructions. This is how it works:

$35 - (SUBMIT YOUR OWN) Submit your own photo via email and receive back a custom one-of-a-kind portrait within 1 week. Submitted images should be the highest quality possible and should be submitted via email to:

$75 - (PHOTO TAKEN) Have the artist come to you to photograph you for your portrait and receive back a custom one-of-a-kind portrait within 1 week. 

(CUSTOM) Need a custom full body portrait? Tell the artist what you want. Prices are negotiated based on the work involved.

Fees are through paypal. The artist reserves the right to decline any offer based on availability. The finished work is uploaded to you via email in digital format. Its your choice to print it or not.

THIS IS FOR A LIMITED TIME! If you want a portrait done, please let me know as I will only be doing this for a short time.

All queries or orders should be sent to: or text to 504-874-2908

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