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Monday, October 16, 2023

Dreaming of Cubism (Experiment #1)

 About ten years ago, I began to develop a style of body painting that I called Pollock in 3D. I was basically taking ideas of Pollock abstract work and applying it to a human form to create something unique. In the years since I've refined my methods but that basic premise of Pollock in 3D has  a fundamental part of my work. 

When I first conceived the idea, I was obsessed with it. I knew given time that it had the potential to become something major. I knew it the moment I thought about it, that this idea was one I could spend the rest of my life exploring. 

Now, years later, I've had it happen again. It came from a dream this time. A dream about taking Picasso and Braques concepts of cubism and applying them to a human body. When I work up, I knew immediately that this was not something I should shove to the back of my mind. It had to be explored. Could the ideas of Pollock in 3D be brought together with Cubism?

Was it even possible to bring such radically different concepts together? If it were possible, what would it mean for my work in the future? These things swirled around in my mind the rest of the night. The following day I set to work experimenting. 

Here are my first experiments in the style.

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