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Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Lovers on an Astral Plain (SOLD!)

Lovers On An Astral Plain, was created by artist Grey Cross. It was adapted from a previous work created by the artist called You Wanted to Cry. You Knew You Would not Come Back, Would Never See Him Again

The two pieces are fundamentally different from each other, the first piece focusing on the Tumultuous Art concept and the second focusing on Surrealism. The first version was a created with the help of several of the artists models as a body painting and photograph which was then finished in the digital studio. 
The piece was then reimagined into this 26" x 39" piece which is created using a bulged surface which gives the painting a more three dimensional aspect. It uses raised paint to accentuate the surface. It is mounted on a matte and frame which is part of the painting. 

The objective of this series is to create an optical illusion. Close up the painting looks like an abstract. The figures are lost to the eye. But on stepping back the figures emerge out of the painting. The further back you step, the more they come to the forefront. 

The artist believes that there are infinite variations to be found within his own work and through the use and coordination of different mediums. His primary rule is that no work is ever finished. Rather the artist draws an arbitrary and invisible line that says the art is finished. But the art can become many other things. A piece of art 10 years old may become new again by merely applying new skills and ideas to it. 

The artist resides in New Orleans, Louisiana and can be found in his uptown studio with his husband, award winning author Poppy Z Brite. For purchase inquiries or to schedule a viewing, email the studio at: or phone: (504) 874 - 2908. Please refer to the title of the piece for prompt response. 

$1,500 + Shipping & Handling

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