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Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Shiva & Kali (Grey Cross Studios Embellished Body Painting Print)

Shiva & Kali is a 30" x 40" Embellished Print. An Embellished Print is high quality print of the original work of art which has been embellished with additional work. This eliminates the prints value being low due to multiple prints of the same piece being sold. It now has unique value as it is the only print of its kind out there. 

The print was produced from an original body painting session by the artist which he photographed and then applied digital art techniques to finish it into the piece above. The small statuette of Kali was purchased at an estate sale by the artist many years ago and was used in multiple body painting sessions before its final use in this piece. The poem is an excerpt from an original song by Indian musician Kamlalakanta Chakrabarti. 

Both the print and the song excerpt are raised

This piece is currently priced at: $500.00 (US + S/H) and can be purchased by contacting the studio at: or at 504-874-2908

Please be aware that this piece requires special handling and shipping. The cost will be added to the price or the buyer may opt to arrange shipping themselves. This piece is NOT framed.

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