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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Tumultuous Insanity

  Each of us defines insanity in a different way. It may be a psychological definition, extreme drug use, or just bizarre manifestation that occurs when a person goes over the edge. But we know it when we encounter it. We can see it in the faces and it can be chilling and even life changing when we encounter it.  

Tumultuous Art (Tumultuism) - A theory of art which is disorderly, fractured and dreamlike in its presentation. It may exhibit a confused state, akin to looking through a piece of fractured glass at the subject of the art, similar to an acid trip or lucid dreaming. The subjects are often out of focus. It sometimes exhibits a similarity to cubist art, but is not always about strait lines to view and interpret the subject through. The form is determined by the Abstraction Point. This is the point where the subject goes from a recognizable state to a state of total anarchy and abstraction. This is also part of the attraction of Tumultuous art because viewing close up to the image it breaks apart into an abstraction. The further back you step the more the subject of the art jumps out. The concept also utilizes the artists theories in "harmonic Dissonance". Where many layers signifying different levels of color, texture and design are brought together in harmony. Tumultuism may also include strictly monochromatic art where color is totally removed from the equation. 

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