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Saturday, May 11, 2024

Moai - A Raised Painting


Dimensions: 30" Wide  x 40" Long x 4" High

Materials: Clay, foaming glue, metallic acrylic paints, paint pens, raised primary acrylics

Base: One half inch fome-cor board

Weight: 4 pounds (approx)

Price: This piece is $500 + Shipping and Handling


Moai is both a painting and sculpture. The land features were created with clay which is raised above the surface and sealed in place. It represents a series of tropical volcanic islands with one island carved to represent a Moai statue face (as found on Easter Island). The central caldera is an active volcano complete with smoke The two smaller caldera's are both inert and are both lakes. 


The piece seen close up resembles an abstract painting. Its often hard to make out the various details among the spatters of paint, the raised features and the vibrant colors. But when one steps back the details appear out of the maelstrom. This is why I consider the painting to be an abstract as well as depicting specific subjects.


Moai started out as a completely different piece of art. Originally it was a Mardi Gras piece that showed a fatted calf float in a Mardi Gras parade. When the piece was close to being finished, it suffered an accident which destroyed one end of it. Repairs would have been difficult and would have altered the piece completely. So after a time I decided to reimagine it as something else. Moai is that reimagining. 

Because I used raised paint on the original piece, the line work still showed through the base repainting. All of the lines and circles you see on the new piece are what exists of the original. Anything seen beneath the water was also part of the original. 


Built into many of my pieces of art are mysteries. Riddles, ciphers, unusual features and enigmas are commonly found and never explained. It is up to the viewer or the owner of the piece to figure out the mystery. 


The piece will be on display (if still available) in August at the Necrenomicon Convention in Providence, Rhode Island. For further information contact the studio at:


Phone: (504) 874-2908

Instagram: @greycrossstudios

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