Defeating Tyrants - An Archive of Political Art Against Dictators (Index)

"A powerful leader is the one who does not rule and is not known to his masses. He keeps on working without expecting anything in return"

~Lao Tzu~

"Unfortunately the world is facing a crisis of a different kind. A crisis of moral and ethical conduct amongst those who govern no matter which political party one belongs to."

~Manmeet Bhalla~

A single tyrant can destroy a democracy in moments no matter how strong we think it might be to stand against them. Artists often speak out before others. We see atrocities committed and we shine the light of our creativity upon it in hopes that dictators will be toppled.

It is up to us to NEVER let hate and oppression destroy the world and to make sure future generations see these oppressors through the eyes of those living through them.

How creatives see the world right now is important for future generations to also see and understand. Creatives are the ones standing within this nightmare of hate and disrespect that the world has degraded into. Creatives are the ones that need to tell its story and remind future generations of the journey we are all on.

~Grey Cross~

Creators Index

Please note: This index is arranged by the date of submission of the creative with the newest showing at the end of the list, not the beginning. Some artists have requested the ability to submit anonymously. We honor their privacy by listing them as Anon on the index. Please respect all artists. Negative comments against any artists work will be removed immediately

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