Oberon's Fortress (NEW WORK)

In the deep lands of faerie lays Oberon's Fortress buried in the snows of the north. From here the faerie kings armies come forth to do battle with creatures from the spirit world. Its massive towers rise like great icicles from the winter north. From its top it commands a view of all the faerie lands and beyond. There are ten towers. The Towers of the Horde are two twin towers that guard the entrance to the fortress. The Tower of the wind guards the backside of the fortress and faces the eternal winds that plummet from the northernmost parts of the faerie realm. The tower of Meditation is the smallest tower extending out from the fortress. Here Oberon goes for rest and contemplation. Next are the four towers representing the elements of the universe. The Tower of Water, the Tower of Fire, the Tower of Earth and the Tower of Air. At the very pinnacle are the Tower of Sight and the Tower of Truth. From the Tower of Sight Oberon can view all that happens within the triad which are the physical world, the spirit world and the faerie world. In the Tower of Truth he makes his judgement's and doles out his punishments and occasionally his rewards. It is said that the fortress is built in the remains of the original world tree before it grew so large that its roots broke through the faerie world and extended to the physical spiritual. From here Oberon can also control each and every Revenant doorway throughout the triad. 

Name: Oberon's Fortress
Type of Art: Sculpture
Series: Dark Shadows Forest
Availability: Currently Available for Purchase
Price: $500.00 + S/H
Size: 12" x 12" x 34"
Status: One of a Kind

Oberon's Fortress is part of the Dark Shadow Forest series. It is the brainchild of New Orleans artist Grey Cross. Each one of the trees in this series has a distinct personality and story.

Each sculpture is handmade and uses Mississippi River driftwood for each tree. Each sculpture is signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity which includes its background story.

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  1. Stunning. Haunting. Very unique and beautiful piece