The Endless Dream (20)


"This is man" said the Goddess. Fading away to be replaced with a patchwork man. His insides merely gears and his heart pulsing where his cock should be. 

"This is man" she repeated. 

"This is a mimicry of man." I replied.

"This is man" she insisted. "Always thinking with their genitalia rather than their heart. Always mindlessly going through each day like an automaton. This is man." 

Angry I responded "Not all men."

She conceded the point. "True. There are two now. One man, one no longer man. One without compassion. One with." 

"Which am I?" I wasn't sure I wanted to know the answer.  

"You have not decided" she responded. 

I shivered, suddenly as exposed as the patchwork man. 

"The winds are changing said the voice. The winter is coming."

And it began to snow. 

Special thanks to Artist Rene Smoller who contributed his talents to this segment of the dream. His concept of the patchwork man drove the dream to take on new meaning! 

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