The Endless Dream (19)

And the dream changed yet again.

The color returned, the hills with it, but everything was changed. 

The valley was now a lake. Greens and blues dominated the horizon. 

"You took pity on my fears" I said to the skull. But it was no longer there. 

"Of course. That is the nature of dreams is it not?" 

The voice now came from a face in the sky. It boomed across the valley.

"What are you now?" 

"I am the narrator of your life." 

"No no, I mean what does your form represent?" I was impatient now. 

"I am the goddess" it said with a supreme condescending voice. 

"Do you have a name oh great goddess?"

"I am Artemis Majoris." 

As she told me her name, I sensed something looking at me and found just below the surface of the water there was an octopus. 

"I am the goddess of the waters and that is one of my minions."

"Lot of arms" I said grumpily.

"We all have minions. Even you" the goddess replied. 

"Then why do I feel so alone?" 

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