The Pandemic Archive - Illustrator Manmeet Bhalla

Human Feelings: Mankind always has been intrigued by basic questions like love, intimacy, free will or destiny. Religious scriptures never give a concrete answer which has always irked me. I tried to touch these topics through my own life experience which has helped me understand and guide my own life’s journey. I do not believe when people say that souls choose their parents and life situation to have a particular experience. If that was true, then by now this planet would have 7 billion male millionaires, given how biased we are in every sphere of life. Another aspect which has always intrigued me is when people justify their hate based upon their personal experience which ends up creating more hate. When we know the pain of a wound then why we try to inflict one on others. 

Human mindset: Growing up as a teenager, my mind was full of questions which remained un-answered for a good part of my life. I could see and feel the under-current of hypocrisy, bigotry and unsaid dogma of “ethics” which seem to exist only for others. We are so busy finding faults in others and blaming everything else that we seldom turn the gaze inwards which could actually become the catalyst for a change. We put so many masks to please others that we forget who we truly are and what we truly want. These illustrations are an attempt to provoke the internal itch to become someone meaningful and re-evaluate our role in society. 


I was born and brought up in India. I did my Ph.D. in Microbiology from New Zealand, one of the most beautiful countries on our planet. Moved to the USA to start as a post-doctorate researcher at University at Buffalo, near the great Niagara Falls. Being a scientist, I believe that it is our responsibility to present science in a very simple yet impactful way to a common man. Science is to serve society in every aspect of life. We have seen tremendous advancement in technology which eased our day to day struggle. But at the same time, we forgot the essence of life. We as part of society are always in some sort of stress, anger and hatred. Through my illustrations, I try to touch the topics which we all face and provide my views and my perceptions. 

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  1. Beautiful thoughts, wonderfully put together by an awesomly talented scientist.

    1. Thank you so much. I really appreciate for your encouraging words!