The Pandemic Archive - Artist Stacey Lee Warm

"We Were Once Kings"

"Social Distancing"

Name: Stacey Lee Warm
Born: 7/15/1976
Age: 43
Born: District of Columbia
Resides: Hallandale Beach, FL

I've been dabbling in mixed media art for quite some time. I haven't done much in the last 4 years or so. Lately I've been practicing my sculpting technique and amassed a number of practice pieces. They are all a hot mess but some had character. These two submissions were crafted with the minimal materials I could gather at this time (clay, wood panels, semi-precious stones, acrylic paint). They are my commentary on social distancing and the ravages of disease during late stage capitalism.

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  1. I like these a lot. They have a kind of Steampunk feel. You have captured the stark, dehumanizing atmosphere of masked social distancing in the second one. I hope you will add more here on your page.