There is no Saving a World Which is Bent on Destroying Itself

While we sit here waging our petty wars and grudges, the planet dies beneath us. Climate Change is real

Climate change is an IQ test for humanity
Climate denial show us who flunks the test

We are fools who close our eyes to anything that does not fit our personal beliefs

The world lurches beneath us and we are blind to its cries

God won't destroy the world, but man surely can

Only fools destroy the earth in the name of gods and politics

We do not listen to the heartbeat of the world, only to ourselves

We are destroying ourselves and we don't even care

About the Artist

Climate artist Grey Cross was born and raised on the Island of Martha's Vineyard. No stranger to hurricanes and nor'easters he learned early what natures wrath could produce. He lived through the White Hurricane blizzard of 78 and later through Hurricane Katrina while living in New Orleans. He has a major art series dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of Katrina and a series of 15 sculptures exploring the devastation brought on by climate change.  Much of his sculpture work encompasses the use of natural erosive materials produced in nature, such as wood, iron, rocks and leaves. As the owner of he has pledged much of his time to teaching artists how to find their own creative strengths and their artistic pathways towards success. He works with Art Activists around the globe to use their artistic voices to help heal the world. He lives in New Orleans with his partner author and trans-advocate Poppy Z Brite.

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