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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Two New Works

A few notes at the closing of two major projects.

This week saw the completion of two new sculptures, one of which took about 3 months to complete. Both have distinctly different meanings, both of which are close to my heart. Each piece standing alone without any explanation (in my opinion) is only half complete. Some pieces are better left to the complete interpretation of the viewer, but with others, I think its important to know where the artist was going with them.

I find it a great challenge to place a message within what I create. It makes it more real for me in a sense. Almost like I am placing a part of my own spirit in the work that goes beyond the act of creation.

When I first began my career as an artist, I put behind me a long career as a photographer. I needed something more in my life. Photography helped me be creative, but it wasn't quite enough for me and I plunged headlong into art and made it my life. Unfortunately a few of my associates saw this as a bad move and why was I throwing away a career as a photographer. My art would never be good enough starting  this late in life.

One of those people (who is still a  friend) used to call my early work "fun" and this made me cringe with revulsion. I didn't want FUN art. I wanted art of substance and meaning. And I admit that it molded my early development and turned me into a bit of a fanatic about placing meaning in my art.

There are some pieces I just do for fun, casting meaning aside just for the aesthetics of a particular design. But I admit that somewhere deep down inside of me I still cringe at creating "fun" art.

More and more, especially after having been so ill last year, I focus on message as much as aesthetics. I wrote awhile back on the importance of both abstraction and purpose in a piece of art (click here to see original article) and that is apparent in a major way in these two new sculptures. I hope you find meaning.

Click the photos below to view the complete portfolios & descriptions

The Mark of the Beast

The Secrets of My Youth

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