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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Talented Young Artist - Zen and the Creative

Quandary of Life

Student:  "I want to be a successful artist so bad. I want to study with you.

Mentor: You’re not ready.

Student: I am! I have the skills.

Mentor: It’s not about skills. It’s about mindset.

Student: My mind wants it!

Mentor: Your mind wants it. But your mind also wants that new house you just bought and your friends and your family and all your toys and gadgets and weekends on the beach. When you can release all those things for a while then you’re ready.

Student: But I like those things!

Mentor: And those things tie you down and don’t allow you to go to that next level. Those things mean you work 12 hours a day and sleep and have no time for your art. It’s OK to have nice things, but when you allow them to tie you down then accomplishing what you really want out of your life become secondary.

Student: Then I’ll never be an artist!

Mentor: You’re already an artist. But will you be an accomplished artist who makes creating your life? Perhaps you will in 30 years when the two car garage and 4 kids that will eventually come are grown and on their own life path. But not now, not unless YOU make it happen.

Could It Be Magic

Student: I want to paint magic. I want people to be in awe of my art. How do I do it? What do I need to learn?

Mentor: These things you don't learn from technique. These things you learn from experience and placing your emotions and those experiences into your work.

Student: But I don't have any experiences yet.

Mentor: Then you need to seek those experiences while your learning the fundamentals. Art isn't just about painting. Its about making your art speak. When we share our unique life view with others then we give them a chance to experience also.

Student: I don't get it.

Mentor: Have you ever been to a museum where you passed 20 paintings and only gave them a glance, then you suddenly saw that one painting that spoke to your soul? You grasped it. You saw something totally new and it made you look at the world just a little differently.

Student: Yes, I've had that happen several times.

Mentor: That's the magic. That's the artists life experience reaching out and touching you for just a moment in time and made you consider something you'd never thought about before.

Student: So I should visit more art museums?

Mentor: No and yes. Let the experiences of other artists guide your hand to create your own experiences to pass on to others but seek your own experiences. Challenge life.

Student: This sounds like Star Wars.

Mentor: In  a way it is because you yield a powerful force in your creativity. You hold in your hands the ability to touch others and change their lives. That's where the true magic is.

Student: That sounds impossible to achieve.

Mentor: If it was easy, it would have no value. Its a responsibility not to be taken lightly.

Student: I didn't learn any of this in my college art courses.

Mentor: And you never will.

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